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China: New kid on the development block

In a sign of changing global economic and political influence, with a profound impact on development policy, recent reports show that China has lent more money to developing countries in the last 2 years than the World Bank.  According to research by the Financial Times newspaper, the China Development Bank and China Export – Import Bank made loans of at least $110bn, compared with just over $100bn by the World Bank. Continue reading


World Bank Announces $49.3 Billion Funding Package for 2011-2013

This week international negotiations concluded and agreed to the continued work and funding of the International Development Association (IDA, the part of the World Bank that provides assistance to the poorest countries) for the next three years. A key outcome of these negotiations has been the renewed UK Governments’ commitment to fight poverty by investing in the World Bank. Continue reading

The World Bank’s IFC Provides Grants for Agricultural Microinsurance

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank, recently announced it would be providing $4.1 million in grants to three organisations as part of its Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF).

The grants have been distributed as follows: Continue reading

November conference call on user fees for healthcare – recording now online

Dr Sophie Witter

Dr Sophie Witter

On Tuesday we had our monthly conference call which focused on how the UK government can support developing countries to provide free healthcare. Our guest speaker was Dr. Sophie Witter, a Health Economist who has carried out extensive research on user fees removal in developing countries. The recording of the call is now available on our website. Continue reading

RESULTS responds to the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review

Yesterday the government released the details of their Comprehensive Spending Review, which was designed to fix the budgets of all government departments until 2014-15, identifying extensive spending cuts to fulfil the government’s aim of reducing the UK’s deficit. In this post we assess the implications of the review for the UK’s role in international development.

While the cuts across many departments were savage, as expected, the international development budget has been protected as promised in the Coalition agreement published in May. The overall percentage of GDP given to Official Development Aid (ODA) will stay at 0.56% until 2013, when it will increase to the UN target of 0.7% which was agreed back in the 1970s. This will translate into small increases in the amount of ODA, and in the budget of the Department for International Development, each year until 2013. Continue reading

MPs respond to letters from RESULTS activists about microfinance

Following our August action on Microfinance in Africa, members of the RESULTS network have been sharing letters that they have received from DFID Minister Stephen O’Brien. The responses so far have been very positive and provide quite detailed answers to all of the questions posed about the new Capacity Building Facility for Microfinance in Africa which DFID is developing in partnership with the World Bank. Continue reading

RESULTS UK leads delegation of British MPs to Kenya

Next week RESULTS UK is leading a delegation of British MPs to Kenya, the purpose of which will be to learn more about how Kenya is addressing major health challenges, specifically tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS co-infection and to consider the impact of UK support to Kenya, through different bilateral and multilateral channels. The delegation will meet with the DFID Kenya Team, the World Bank, Kenyan Parliamentarians as well as members of civil society and community projects involved in all aspects of TB control and treatment. Continue reading