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UNESCO reports world is off-track to reach education for all

Global Monitoring Report coverThe 2011 UNESCO Global Monitoring Report (GMR) was released on Tuesday. The report, which is released annually, details progress toward achieving the Education for All (EFA) Goals. The good news from this year’s report is that the number of out-of-school children in 2008 reduced to 67 million, from 72 million the year before. However, the reduction is slowing and there may be more children out of school by 2015 than there are today if more is not done.

In addition, each year’s report addresses a focus theme, which in 2011 is education and conflict in fragile states. The report, called “The Hidden Crisis: Armed Conflict in Education”, points out that the provision of universal education is seriously hampered by armed conflict, war and civil unrest.  With half of all out-of-school kids living in conflict affected or fragile countries, this issue needs to be addressed and taken seriously. Continue reading

RESULTS UK Return from Parliamentary Delegation to Rwanda

The RESULTS UK Parliamentary delegation recently returned from Rwanda after a week long visit to observe the country’s remarkable best practices adopted to combat infectious diseases and the Millenium Development Goals. MPs Cathy Jamieson and Angus MacNeil alongside RESULTS staff Aaron Oxley (Executive Director) and Aparna Barua (ACTION Project Associate) met with health centre staff, patients and civil society organisations across the country to learn and discuss health issues and the impact of tuberculosis (TB) on development.   Continue reading

Women and TB Reception in Parliament

Wednesday morning saw TB campaigners, health professionals and MPs gathered at Portcullis House for a breakfast reception hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Tuberculosis. The focus of the event was to explore the gender-specific dynamics of this devastating disease and the impact this has on families and communities in the developing world. Continue reading

RESULTS UK Advocacy Tour Ends

Advocates, Mamta Jacob (L) and Joyce Kamwana (R) with Lord Desai (C)

Last week, Joyce Kamwana, Global Fund ‘Here I Am’ campaign ambassador from Malawi and Mamta Jacob, TB Advocacy Programme Manager from India, took part in a weeklong tour to the UK. During the week Joyce and Mamta shared their personal stories with parliamentarians, DFID teams on Reproductive Health and Health Services, civil society partners, representatives from the Malawian and Indian High Commissioners offices in London, as well as RESULTS grassroots activists!

The aim of this advocacy tour was to increase better understanding amongst a wide range of stakeholders of the impact of tuberculosis on women with a particular focus on maternal health, as well as to highlight the subsequent effects of the poor replenishment of the Global Fund on tuberculosis control. Continue reading

International AIDS Conference 2010

The International AIDS Conference will be hosted by the historical and beautiful city of Vienna this year!  The city, well known for being the birthplace of the neurologist Sigmund Freud, the painter Gustav Klimt, and the composer Franz Schubert, will from the 18th to the 23rd July bring together those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, people living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the pandemic.

This week long conference will provide an excellent opportunity for health NGOs, advocates and scientists to bring together the latest information, lessons learnt and exciting opportunities for open discussions, on the major issues facing the global response to HIV. A prominent focus to this years’ conference will be on women’s and maternal health and tuberculosis (TB).  Both the Stop TB Department and the ACTION Project will be in heavy force during the conference to present data and instigate insightful discussions into the threat that HIV-TB co-infection and multiple drug resistant tuberculosis poses on a global scale, especially to women. Continue reading

Tackling all three health MDGs key to improving maternal health

This week International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell made his first visit to the EU Foreign Affairs council, at which Ministers from across Europe will discuss a common EU position in advance of the September summit on the Millennium Development Goals, (the international development targets set by the UN in 2000 and targeted for completion by 2015). Continue reading

Women of the World, Unite!

In the Guardian last week, Sheila Rowbotham published an article entitled “Feminists fighting to change the world“. In it, she looks back at feminists from the late 19th Century until now, and talks about the challenges we still need to overcome in order to provide a fair world for all women.

This is important and relevant to RESULTS in a few different ways. First, the advances made by women over the years, in pushing for social change, are enormous. In addition to securing basic rights such as suffrage:

It is thanks to their efforts that we have birth control, abortion, centres for mothers and babies, health visitors, child benefit and the minimum wage. No small achievement.

Continue reading