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A New Vaccine – Saving Children’s Lives

We are thrilled to be able to report that the first children in the world have begun to receive their vaccinations against the world’s biggest child killer — pneumonia. These children are in Kenya, and they are the first wave of vaccinations that are currently heading out to 40 developing countries.

This is tremendous news, and the difference this will make in the world really can’t be overstated. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) has prepared an introductory video.

Pneumococcal disease currently takes the lives of over a million of people every year – including more than half a million children before their fifth birthday. Pneumonia is the most common form of serious pneumococcal disease and accounts for 18% of child deaths in developing countries, making it one of the two leading causes of death among young children.

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European Parliament votes to support global fight against TB

Last week, the EU Parliament overwhelmingly voted to include tuberculosis (TB) in the Europe 2020 Strategy, the EU’s strategy for growth for the coming decade. The resolution was supported by 578 MEPs with only 9 voting against and 52 abstentions. The resolution highlights the role European research can play in developing countries, where TB’s toll is the highest. Continue reading

February conference call announced: Vaccination, a public health ‘best buy’

On Tuesday the 1st of February at 8pm we will be having our next conference call which is titled ‘Vaccination: A public health ‘best buy’. For our action this month we are asking RESULTS activists to write to your MEPs asking them to support increased funding for the GAVI Alliance, a revolutionary organisation working to increase the numbers of children vaccinated against preventable diseases worldwide. Our special guest on the call will be Eloise Todd, Brussels Director, The One Campaign. Click here to download the action materials.

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Wear blue to mark World Pneumonia Day

This Friday, 12 November, is World Pneumonia Day.

There are many ways that you can show your support this year for the global campaign to put an end to this preventable killer. You can send a pneumonia day card to your friends and family to raise awareness, send a ‘PneumoniaGram’ to world leaders, sign up to campaigns on Facebook or Twitter, or participate in the world-wide blue jeans day to raise awareness of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that causes them to be filled with fluid. It causes cough and fever making breathing difficult. If not treated, it can be deadly. In fact, pneumonia kills more children under 5 than any other disease. Continue reading

Mary Robinson asks you to speak up for children’s right to health

The Governments of the United States and Norway will co-host a high-level meeting of GAVI Alliance donors and partners in New York on 6 October to build on GAVI’s success in preventing 5.4 million deaths in its first 10 years.

The meeting will set the outline  for a pledging meeting in 2011. GAVI needs to raise US$4.3 billion to scale-up immunisation programmes between 2010 and 2015.

Mary Robinson, Chair of the GAVI Alliance Board and President of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative has issued a public call to galvanise support ahead of the pledging conference. Continue reading

Hopes for a new TB vaccine build in South Africa

A South African toddler is still in good health a year after she became the first patient in the most advanced TB vaccine study in the world so far.

Experts hope the vaccine will help eliminate the disease that affects around nine million people each year with countries in Sub-Saharan Africa experiencing a particularly high disease burden. Continue reading

Many Thanks from Aeras

AerasLast week DFID announced £12 million in new funding for Tuberculosis on World TB Day. £8 million of this grant will be given over 5 years to Aeras.

Aeras (or to use its full name the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation), is a non-profit development partnership that is dedicated to the development of a new and effective TB vaccine. It is crucial that we have such a vaccine, because most people believe we won’t be able to truly beat TB until we do.

So, it is great news that DFID is funding Aeras. It was even better to receive an email from Peg Willingham at Aeras thanking RESULTS UK and RESULTS partners in other countries for all our hard work promoting the need for more investment in TB. Her email reads:

As you probably know by now, today was the long-awaited official announcement of DFID’s generous grant of £8 million over 5 years to Aeras.  I just wanted to express the gratitude of our entire organization to RESULTS-UK for your help and advice over the past several years – we literally could not have achieved this grant without you.  Thanks to you, we were able to connect with the APPG on TB and with other important stakeholders in the UK, and we also are grateful for your advocacy in general about the importance of new tools to prevent, treat, diagnose and ultimately eradicate TB.

Thank you so much!

It is so wonderful to get this recognition and thanks for our work.

In addition, it’s our pleasure to acknowledge that a critical component of this success is our dedicated and passionate grassroots advocates. You are an inspiring bunch of people – look what you did!