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Cancun summit on climate change: will it deliver for the poor?

This week world leaders are meeting in Cancun for ‘COP-16’, the latest of the summits convened to negotiate the global response to climate change through the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Round up from the MDG Summit in New York

On Monday, 20 September, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened the Summit’s first session with an appeal to Member States to provide the necessary investment, aid and political will to meet the goals. He called the gathering “the most significant global development conference” since the UN Millennium Summit laid out the MDGs 10 years ago.

The Summit, held in New York was attended by some 140 heads of State and government who pledged in a final outcome document, “We are convinced that the Millennium Development Goals can be achieved, including in the poorest countries, with renewed commitment, effective implementation and intensified collective action by all Member States and other relevant stakeholders”. The 31-page document document touched on virtually every aspect of global issues beyond the headings of each of the eight MDGs, from human rights to corruption to climate change, focused particularly on actions, policies and strategies to support those developing countries that are lagging most behind and those goals that are most off track, thus improving the lives of the poorest people. Continue reading

What did the MDG Summit deliver for AIDS, TB and malaria?

The MDG Review Summit which has just concluded in New York was a landmark opportunity for the world to accelerate progress towards the eight Millennium Development Goals. Here we focus on what the summit delivered for MDG 6 which aims to combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Continue reading

What is the UN Millennium Review Summit and why is it important for us to take action on it?

For our September action (see more here) we are generating media coverage about the MDG Review Summit and why we need the UK government to go to the summit ready to make additional financial commitments to ensure the MDGs are achieved by 2015.

This briefing gives you more background information about the summit and why it is important that we take action this month to ensure it is as successful as possible. Continue reading

September action materials available online

The September action pack is now available on the RESULTS website. Our monthly conference call, which will address the Millennium Development Goals and the upcoming UN MDG Summit, will be held on Tuesday 7th September at 8pm. For details of how to join the call, please contact the RESULTS office.

Our guest speaker will be Winstone Zulu, who is a health advocate from Zambia. Winstone is HIV positive and a TB survivor. Although he was treated for and survived TB, he has seen four of his brothers die from the disease because they could not access treatment. Winstone is an outstanding speaker so we’re really excited about having him on the call. Continue reading

High-level Meeting offers hope on sanitation and water

At the first ever High-Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water held on Friday in Washington DC, Ministers and policy makers from 30 countries agreed a joint statement that included commitments to:

  • Work through the new Sanitation and Water for All partnership to increase political prioritisation, resource mobilisation and aid effectiveness.
  • Work together to improve targeting of resources to ensure more gets to low-income countries and the poorest communities.
  • Set up a new funding mechanism to better support the poorest countries with the weakest capacities to develop national plans.

In addition, some countries made additional individual pledges. Bangladesh committed to spending an extra $200m over the next 5 years, Senegal an extra $24m per year. Many others, including Ghana, Liberia and Ethiopia, committed to raising domestic budgets to meet regional commitments – for example African countries are jointly committed to spend 0.5% of GNI on sanitation by the eThekwini Declaration, which was signed in 2008. Continue reading

Gordon Brown pledges action on user fees for health

Gordon Brown has responded to a letter sent by NGOs calling for action following the pledge to help poor countries to remove user fees for basic healthcare made at the United Nations General Assembly in September. Mr Brown stated:

‘I strongly share your view about the need to sustain the international momentum behind the provision of free health care in developing countries. The UK has made this a priority, and we have been at the forefront of efforts to ensure that people in the world’s poorest countries are not denied access to basic health services’. Continue reading