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RESULTS UK Return from Parliamentary Delegation to Rwanda

The RESULTS UK Parliamentary delegation recently returned from Rwanda after a week long visit to observe the country’s remarkable best practices adopted to combat infectious diseases and the Millenium Development Goals. MPs Cathy Jamieson and Angus MacNeil alongside RESULTS staff Aaron Oxley (Executive Director) and Aparna Barua (ACTION Project Associate) met with health centre staff, patients and civil society organisations across the country to learn and discuss health issues and the impact of tuberculosis (TB) on development.   Continue reading

Stop TB Partnership Announces New Executive Secretary

This week the Stop TB Partnership announced its newly appointed Executive Secretary, Dr. Lucia Ditiu, following the departure of Marcos Espinal in August 2010. A native of Romania, Dr Ditiu is a physician and researcher who has devoted her career to improving the lives of people living in communities heavily burdened by tuberculosis (TB). Continue reading

2010: The year in review

2010 has been a year that has seen many successes in the areas on which RESULTS campaigns. As the year draws to a close, and we look ahead to the challenges we face in 2011, we’d like to have a look back at those successes and to say thank you to our fantastic grassroots network and all the other individuals and organisations that have lent us their skills and expertise over the past 12 months. Continue reading

Women and TB Reception in Parliament

Wednesday morning saw TB campaigners, health professionals and MPs gathered at Portcullis House for a breakfast reception hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Tuberculosis. The focus of the event was to explore the gender-specific dynamics of this devastating disease and the impact this has on families and communities in the developing world. Continue reading

Revolutionary Tuberculosis Test Launched

This week the World Health Organization endorsed a new tuberculosis (TB) test called Xpert MTB/RIF. Xpert is a revolutionary new technology that, if taken to scale in endemic countries, could completely change the public health approach to diagnosing and treating TB, which remains one of the greatest killers on the planet.

Xpert: Better than X-Rays

Xpert provides a rapid, accurate diagnosis of TB without the need for a sophisticated lab. It detects many cases that are missed by current technology, which is more than a century old, including for people who are HIV positive — where TB mortality is highest and where the majority of cases are missed by current frontline tools. Rapid diagnosis will allow patients to start appropriate treatment in hours as opposed to weeks or even months. Since over a quarter of all AIDS-related deaths are caused by TB, Xpert is a critical tool in the fight against AIDS as well. Continue reading

UK Coalition to Stop TB Joins Stop AIDS Campaign on World AIDS Day 2010

Today on World AIDS Day, millions of people living with HIV/AIDS are at risk of dying of tuberculosis (TB), the world’s leading killer of people living with HIV. Despite all the gains achieved in the last twenty years through education and awareness, drug research and development of more effective ARV therapies, thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS continue to die from TB.

The UK Coalition to Stop TB and the UK Stop AIDS Campaign published an open letter in the Guardian newspaper today highlighting that we cannot effectively tackle deaths of people with HIV without also addressing those dying from TB. What is desperately needed is the political will to help combat this dual epidemic on all fronts.

You can read the full Open Letter here.

Craig David Speaks Out About His Fight Against Tuberculosis

Craig David, UN Goodwill Ambassador against Tuberculosis, appeared yesterday and today on Al Jazeera English in an interview with Riz Khanon on his program, ‘One on One’.

Since becoming a Goodwill Ambassador in March 2010, Craig David has taken part in a number of engagements including a journey to South Africa to learn first hand and meet the people at the front lines – people who have beaten the disease, people who are still fighting it, kids who face the threat of tuberculosis every day, and scientists who have dedicated their lives to making tuberculosis history. In September this year he donated a new and orginal song to the fight against TB. The interview on ‘One on One’ is now part of his growing engagement with the issues surrounding TB. During the half hour interview Craig talked about his life as a musician and how he produces music not only for popular culture, but also as a means to communicate with chidlren in remote areas of Africa.

With an audience of almost 200 million people around the world, the ‘One on One’ show with Craig David is a great way to reach out to millions of people about the very real impact of Tuberculosis on the lives of those affected in sub-Saharan Africa.

You can watch the interview here: