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RESULTS UK responds to DFID’s consultation on reproductive, maternal and newborn health

Pregnant woman at UNICEF-supported health center in Sam Ouandja refugee camp, credit: Pierre Holtz for UNICEF

Pregnant woman at UNICEF-supported health center in Sam Ouandja refugee camp, credit: Pierre Holtz for UNICEF

Within days of becoming Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell stated that he would put women and girls at the centre of DFID’s approach to fighting poverty. Improving reproductive, maternal and newborn health in the developing world is a major part of the drive to do so. DFID is therefore developing a new business plan, which will determine the UK’s contribution towards reducing maternal mortality. The aim is to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted and that every birth is safe. In doing so, DFID also want make an enormous contribution to reducing child mortality – particularly through improving the survival chances of newborn babies.

Twelve weeks ago, DFID launched a consultation to gather input into the new business plan on reproductive, maternal and newborn health. Contributions have been made by individuals and organisations from a broad range of backgrounds. Continue reading


Round up from the MDG Summit in New York

On Monday, 20 September, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened the Summit’s first session with an appeal to Member States to provide the necessary investment, aid and political will to meet the goals. He called the gathering “the most significant global development conference” since the UN Millennium Summit laid out the MDGs 10 years ago.

The Summit, held in New York was attended by some 140 heads of State and government who pledged in a final outcome document, “We are convinced that the Millennium Development Goals can be achieved, including in the poorest countries, with renewed commitment, effective implementation and intensified collective action by all Member States and other relevant stakeholders”. The 31-page document document touched on virtually every aspect of global issues beyond the headings of each of the eight MDGs, from human rights to corruption to climate change, focused particularly on actions, policies and strategies to support those developing countries that are lagging most behind and those goals that are most off track, thus improving the lives of the poorest people. Continue reading

Maternal health tops the political agenda

The Women Deliver conference, which gets underway today in Washington DC and runs until 9 June, is bringing the international community together to seek improved health outcomes for women and children.

This year’s theme is on “delivering solutions for girls and women” and focuses on reaching Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 – to improve reproductive and maternal health. Webcasts from the conference will be available on the Women Deliver 2010 website. Continue reading