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Results posted on new website

As we have mentioned on this blog recently, our new website is now live. You can find it at www.results.org.uk. We’re really pleased with it and we hope that it will create an interactive environment to connect with each other and with us in the office. One of the most exciting functions of the new site is the ability all members have to share the results of their actions with one another.

To post a result, visit the ‘latest action’ section on the homepage and select ‘submit your results’. You can then add a title and a description. You can then attach files to the action, such as a scanned copy of a letter you receive or an article you get published.

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February Focus Call now available online

Last night we had our February Focus Call. This call was an introduction to our new website www.results.org.uk and was facilitated by Felix Jakens, Grassroots coordinator and Julia Modern, Campaigns manager at RESULTS UK. To listen to the call again, click here.

Our vision for this new website is to create a space that will allow our grassroots to interact not only with us here in the office but also with each other. Through the group pages and the comment system, you will be able share ideas, successes and tips for effective advocacy. After each monthly action, you will also be able to post your results and share them with our entire network. We strongly encourage you to upload the latest results from your actions as soon as possible!

The call contains practical advice for getting started on the new website and takes listeners through all of the basic tools available for use. Topics covered include creating and editing a new profile, joining a group and inviting your friends to join, downloading monthly action materials and uploading and sharing results.

The call also includes an introduction to the new activist toolkit. This toolkit will provide you with useful technical resources and background information that will assist you to undertake effective advocacy. Try to make the most out of it!

We strongly encourage you to explore our new website and please send your comments and/or suggestions at Mariam.elazm@results.org.uk