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RESULTS UK Return from Parliamentary Delegation to Rwanda

The RESULTS UK Parliamentary delegation recently returned from Rwanda after a week long visit to observe the country’s remarkable best practices adopted to combat infectious diseases and the Millenium Development Goals. MPs Cathy Jamieson and Angus MacNeil alongside RESULTS staff Aaron Oxley (Executive Director) and Aparna Barua (ACTION Project Associate) met with health centre staff, patients and civil society organisations across the country to learn and discuss health issues and the impact of tuberculosis (TB) on development.   Continue reading

RESULTS UK leads delegation of British MPs to Rwanda

RESULTS is pleased to announce that Aaron Oxley, Executive Director of RESULTS UK and Aparna Barua, ACTION Project Associate, will be leading a parliamentary delegation to Rwanda from the 19th until the 25th of February 2011. The purpose of this delegation will be to assess how Rwanda is addressing major health challenges in tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS co-infection. Sixteen years after civil war, Rwanda has made an incredible recovery and despite on-going political problems the country has taken a leadership position on tackling major health issues. Continue reading

More parliamentary answers on education in Nigeria

Alison McGovern MP asks a question

Alison McGovern MP asks a question at APPG event

Two weeks ago we reported that several MPs tabled parliamentary questions on the UK government’s support for education in Nigeria in response to a breakfast meeting hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Education for All. Over the last two weeks responses have been coming through, and they paint an interesting and encouraging picture. Continue reading

Nigeria High Commissioner joins MPs to debate education in Nigeria

Speakers at the APPG event

Speakers at the APPG event

On Wednesday RESULTS joined  the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Global Education for All and on Nigeria to bring together education experts from various organisations across the globe to discuss ‘Engaging the Community in Delivering Education for All: The Case of Nigeria’.  Nigeria is the country with the largest number of out of school children in the world – over 8 million at the last count – and faces significant problems in the education sector. The meeting intended to investigate how the UK is supporting education in Nigeria at present, particularly through ensuring that local communities are engaged with schools and how this could be extended and/or improved in the future. Continue reading

DFID investigating how to support microinsurance

Back in October RESULTS held a briefing for our grassroots activists on how microinsurance can help to protect poor farmers in the developing world against the impact of climate change, and also contribute to unlocking rural credit markets enabling small farmers to access better seeds and fertilisers to improve their outputs. We encouraged our activists to write to their MPs to push for UK support for scaling up the provision of microinsurance.

This past week we have started to receive some responses from the Department for International Development, which have been extremely positive. In a letter to Mark Field MP, Stephen O’Brien the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development writes:

The Department for International Development believe that micro-insurance could be important in helping small farmers cope with and recover from climate related losses. It can help increase farmers’ credit worthiness, allowing them to invest in tools such as new seeds, fertilizers and equipment. Continue reading

RESULTS UK Advocacy Tour Ends

Advocates, Mamta Jacob (L) and Joyce Kamwana (R) with Lord Desai (C)

Last week, Joyce Kamwana, Global Fund ‘Here I Am’ campaign ambassador from Malawi and Mamta Jacob, TB Advocacy Programme Manager from India, took part in a weeklong tour to the UK. During the week Joyce and Mamta shared their personal stories with parliamentarians, DFID teams on Reproductive Health and Health Services, civil society partners, representatives from the Malawian and Indian High Commissioners offices in London, as well as RESULTS grassroots activists!

The aim of this advocacy tour was to increase better understanding amongst a wide range of stakeholders of the impact of tuberculosis on women with a particular focus on maternal health, as well as to highlight the subsequent effects of the poor replenishment of the Global Fund on tuberculosis control. Continue reading

Annette Brooke MP wins ‘MP of the year’

Annette Brooke at an event organised by the Poole RESULTS group in November 2008

Annette Brooke at an event organised by the Poole RESULTS group in November 2008

Annette Brooke, MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, has won MP of the Year in the Dods and Scottish Widows Women in Public Life Awards. Annette is a long-term supporter of RESULTS UK, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Microfinance, for which we provide the Secretariat, and MP for several members of our Poole group. Continue reading