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Micro Crop Insurance – On the Radar

This Thursday, RESULTS Executive Director Aaron Oxley attended a meeting in Bonn, Germany, with other members of the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII).

At the meeting we examined the prospects for scaling up weather indexed micro crop insurance around the world this year, particularly as the UNFCCC climate negotiations are looking increasingly like they will allow for substantial funds to be made available as the negotiations are finalised in the coming years.

After the failure of Copenhagen to secure a “Big Bang” style globally binding climate deal in 2009, the progress made in Cancun in December 2010 signalled a new approach with more space being created for “bottom up” initiatives. Weather indexed insurance that targets smallholder farmers is a vital component in this, and can be implemented right away. This is important: as events in Pakistan show, the weather does not wait for negotiations, and absolutely impacts the poorest the hardest. The sooner we can begin to increase investments in protecting poor farmers and agricultural workers, the better. Continue reading


Microfinance Inquiry: Call for Evidence Reminder

As you will have seen from previous posts, the APPG on Microfinance (which RESULTS supports) is holding an inquiry looking at how Donors and the UK Government should seek to contribute to the microfinance field, with a particular focus on how microfinance tackles poverty. The APPG plans to provide recommendations to the Department for International Development (DFID) based on its findings.

Anyone who would like to contribute is very welcome to make a submission – details are on the APPG website. The final deadline for submissions is next Friday the 14 January 2011.

2010: The year in review

2010 has been a year that has seen many successes in the areas on which RESULTS campaigns. As the year draws to a close, and we look ahead to the challenges we face in 2011, we’d like to have a look back at those successes and to say thank you to our fantastic grassroots network and all the other individuals and organisations that have lent us their skills and expertise over the past 12 months. Continue reading

DFID investigating how to support microinsurance

Back in October RESULTS held a briefing for our grassroots activists on how microinsurance can help to protect poor farmers in the developing world against the impact of climate change, and also contribute to unlocking rural credit markets enabling small farmers to access better seeds and fertilisers to improve their outputs. We encouraged our activists to write to their MPs to push for UK support for scaling up the provision of microinsurance.

This past week we have started to receive some responses from the Department for International Development, which have been extremely positive. In a letter to Mark Field MP, Stephen O’Brien the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development writes:

The Department for International Development believe that micro-insurance could be important in helping small farmers cope with and recover from climate related losses. It can help increase farmers’ credit worthiness, allowing them to invest in tools such as new seeds, fertilizers and equipment. Continue reading

The World Bank’s IFC Provides Grants for Agricultural Microinsurance

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank, recently announced it would be providing $4.1 million in grants to three organisations as part of its Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF).

The grants have been distributed as follows: Continue reading

Parliamentarians learn how microinsurance can help the poor to weather life’s storms

As RESULTS activists heard back in October, rising temperatures and shifting rain patterns due to climate change are impacting farming systems across the world. The impact is especially felt by smallhold farmers who work small plots of land, often providing the only food and income their family has access to. When crops fail due to adverse weather conditions, most small farmers are forced to go hungry and to sell their assets simply to survive, deepening their poverty.

Fluctuations in the environment, combined with the rise of large scale environmental disasters, has led to the introduction of microinsurance schemes. These are aimed at providing a safety net to individuals who would ordinarily be forced to hardships, such as drought, alone.

Two weeks in advance of the United Nations Climate Change conference in Cancun, three All-Party Parliamentary Groups came together in Parliament yesterday to learn how microinsurance programmes work and the potential for making such adaptation techniques more widely available to the world’s poor. Continue reading

Parliamentary groups come together to discuss microinsurance

Two weeks before the United Nations Climate Change Conference begins in Mexico, three All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) will be coming together to look at how microinsurance can help farmers in the developing world to reduce their vulnerability to climate change.

On Wednesday 17 November, the APPGs on Agriculture for Development, Climate Change and Microfinance (which is supported by RESULTS UK) are co-hosting a meeting entitled How can microinsurance help the poor to weather life’s storms?  Continue reading