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Results posted on new website

As we have mentioned on this blog recently, our new website is now live. You can find it at www.results.org.uk. We’re really pleased with it and we hope that it will create an interactive environment to connect with each other and with us in the office. One of the most exciting functions of the new site is the ability all members have to share the results of their actions with one another.

To post a result, visit the ‘latest action’ section on the homepage and select ‘submit your results’. You can then add a title and a description. You can then attach files to the action, such as a scanned copy of a letter you receive or an article you get published.

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February Focus Call announced

We are pleased to announce that our next focus call will be held this coming Tuesday 15th February 2011 from 7:00-8:00pm.

The call will be an introduction to our new website www.results.org.uk that will be going live on the morning of Tuesday 15th.

This call will provide you with a comprehensive and in depth-introduction to our new website and will cover all of its main functionalities.

Our new website should provide a dynamic, interactive space for all of grassroots activists to communicate with us in the office and, more importantly, with each other. We hope it will become a forum to share successes with each other and to dramatically increase the public profile of RESULTS UK.

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