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UK government reviews aid programmes – what do we think?

Andrew Mitchell MPOn Tuesday Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for International Development announced the results of his Department’s multilateral and bilateral aid reviews. An overview of the results is available here. The reviews were established shortly after the Coalition Government was formed to look at all areas of the Department’s work and make recommendations for changes to make it more effective. The results are the most comprehensive overview we have yet seen of the Government’s approach to international development and therefore the announcement is an important milestone.

Overall RESULTS strongly welcomes the reviews. It is crucial that UK support for developing countries is focused on truly achieving results for poor people and supporting their own efforts to escape poverty. The top-line results that the Department has committed to delivering through both multilateral and bilateral channels over the next four years to 2015 are:

  • Secure schooling for 11 million children
  • Help vaccinate more children against preventable diseases than there are people in the whole of England
  • Provide access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation to more people than there are in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Save the lives of 50,000 women in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Stop 250,000 newborn babies dying needlessly
  • Support 13 countries to hold freer and fairer elections
  • Help 10 million more women get access to modern family planning
  • Provide 50 million people with the means to help work their way out of poverty [by providing them with access to financial services]
  • Stop 10 million more children going hungry
  • Help halve malaria deaths in 10 of the worst affected countries
  • Help millions of poor people protect their livelihoods from the impact of climate change.

Below we discuss the two reviews in more detail, and while we are broadly supportive of their contents we raise a few questions on specific decisions, as well as pointing out the need for further information on funding decisions and the specifics of country-level programmes. Continue reading

APPG on Global Education for All hears from head of key education funding body

Carol BellamyYesterday the APPG on Global Education for All, a group of parliamentarians working to promote education for all around the world which RESULTS supports by providing a Secretariat, were visited by Carol Bellamy. Carol is Chair of the Board of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (FTI).

The FTI is a global education partnership between donor and developing countries, which provides roughly $300 million annually in grant funding for national education strategies in low income countries. It is one of the leading international forums helping to achieve education for all, and is based on a ‘compact’ of mutual accountability. Under these agreements developing nations are responsible for taking ownership of crafting national education plans, with budget accountability and a greater commitment of political and financial resources, while donor countries commit to providing the additional technical know-how and funding required. This is designed to ensure that no country that has met its obligations would fail for lack of resources or technical capacity. Continue reading

June conference call recording now online

Last night we held our June conference call – click on the link to listen to a recording.  We were joined by David Archer, who is the Head of Education at ActionAid International and is on the Board of the Global Campaign for Education.  As a Board member, he has been involved with overseeing the strategic direction of the 1GOAL campaign.

David reiterated how important it is to maintain focus on global education and emphasised that we must hold the new coalition government accountable for maintaining the UK’s strong record of funding education, including the need to ensure that only appropriate expenditure is counted towards the target of 0.7% of GDP in aid. Continue reading

Digesting DFID’s new Education Strategy: Learning for All

Front cover of DFID's education strategyYesterday evening Douglas Alexander, the Secretary of State for International Development, launched DFID’s new Education Strategy: ‘Learning for All’. As many of you will know, RESULTS provided written input to the consultation on the strategy, and also took part in organising a consultation day with the Global Campaign for Education. Several of our grassroots activists also provided input through the online consultation.

So it was with much anticipation that we attended the launch event last night, and overall it did not disappoint. It was great to see such a high priority given to education by the Department, with the Secretary of State giving a speech and representatives of many DFID partner countries in the developing world also present. Continue reading

Ban Ki-Moon calls on donors to live up to pledges on education

Ban Ki-Moon launching EFA GMR 2010Yesterday Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, launched the 2010 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, which assesses progress toward the Education for All goals around the world. Mr Ban commented that ‘education should never be an accident of circumstances’, recognising that many countries, while making progress toward education for all, are leaving millions behind. These marginalised children are the poorest, frequently female, from ethnic and linguistic minorities or disabled. Mr Ban’s full speech is at the UNESCO website. Continue reading

72 million children in need of a new global fund for education

A new report published today by Oxfam, ” Rescuing Education For All” says the future of 72 million children currently out of school depends on a fundamental shift in the way education is funded globally. Continue reading