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UNESCO reports world is off-track to reach education for all

Global Monitoring Report coverThe 2011 UNESCO Global Monitoring Report (GMR) was released on Tuesday. The report, which is released annually, details progress toward achieving the Education for All (EFA) Goals. The good news from this year’s report is that the number of out-of-school children in 2008 reduced to 67 million, from 72 million the year before. However, the reduction is slowing and there may be more children out of school by 2015 than there are today if more is not done.

In addition, each year’s report addresses a focus theme, which in 2011 is education and conflict in fragile states. The report, called “The Hidden Crisis: Armed Conflict in Education”, points out that the provision of universal education is seriously hampered by armed conflict, war and civil unrest.  With half of all out-of-school kids living in conflict affected or fragile countries, this issue needs to be addressed and taken seriously. Continue reading

RESULTS responds to the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review

Yesterday the government released the details of their Comprehensive Spending Review, which was designed to fix the budgets of all government departments until 2014-15, identifying extensive spending cuts to fulfil the government’s aim of reducing the UK’s deficit. In this post we assess the implications of the review for the UK’s role in international development.

While the cuts across many departments were savage, as expected, the international development budget has been protected as promised in the Coalition agreement published in May. The overall percentage of GDP given to Official Development Aid (ODA) will stay at 0.56% until 2013, when it will increase to the UN target of 0.7% which was agreed back in the 1970s. This will translate into small increases in the amount of ODA, and in the budget of the Department for International Development, each year until 2013. Continue reading

‘Africa United’: a powerful new film that can help to educate the public about development

Yesterday we were invited to an early preview of a new film, ‘Africa United’. The UK-South Africa-Rwanda co-production which was filmed across three countries portrays a heartfelt story of three children and their friends on a journey across seven African countries to the opening ceremony of the football World Cup in Johannesburg. Continue reading

The future is now: education in conflict-affected states

Today Save the Children launched the latest in their series of reports on education in conflict-affected states, which are produced as part of the Rewrite the Future campaign. The foreword for ‘The future is now’ is provided by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female African head of state, who comments:

I had just been elected President of Liberia when Rewrite the Future was launched in 2006, and was faced with the daunting challenge of healing a country emerging from 14 years of brutal civil war.

I knew from the start that – in order to recover and build peace – we needed to invest in education. A generation of children had never had the chance to go to school, and the quality of education had deteriorated because most teachers had left the country. Restoring the education system thus became a key priority of our development agenda. Continue reading