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UK government reviews aid programmes – what do we think?

Andrew Mitchell MPOn Tuesday Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for International Development announced the results of his Department’s multilateral and bilateral aid reviews. An overview of the results is available here. The reviews were established shortly after the Coalition Government was formed to look at all areas of the Department’s work and make recommendations for changes to make it more effective. The results are the most comprehensive overview we have yet seen of the Government’s approach to international development and therefore the announcement is an important milestone.

Overall RESULTS strongly welcomes the reviews. It is crucial that UK support for developing countries is focused on truly achieving results for poor people and supporting their own efforts to escape poverty. The top-line results that the Department has committed to delivering through both multilateral and bilateral channels over the next four years to 2015 are:

  • Secure schooling for 11 million children
  • Help vaccinate more children against preventable diseases than there are people in the whole of England
  • Provide access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation to more people than there are in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Save the lives of 50,000 women in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Stop 250,000 newborn babies dying needlessly
  • Support 13 countries to hold freer and fairer elections
  • Help 10 million more women get access to modern family planning
  • Provide 50 million people with the means to help work their way out of poverty [by providing them with access to financial services]
  • Stop 10 million more children going hungry
  • Help halve malaria deaths in 10 of the worst affected countries
  • Help millions of poor people protect their livelihoods from the impact of climate change.

Below we discuss the two reviews in more detail, and while we are broadly supportive of their contents we raise a few questions on specific decisions, as well as pointing out the need for further information on funding decisions and the specifics of country-level programmes. Continue reading

RESULTS supports the call to put health workers at the heart of the MDGs

RESULTS has joined with 17 other organisations to call upon the Coalition Government to put health workers at the forefront of efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

The Coalition Government has already committed to a number of health-focused targets, including addressing the high levels of maternal death in many developing countries. Meeting this and other health commitments means addressing fully the critical shortage of health workers that exists in many developing countries and realising the important role that health workers play throughout the health system and the continuum of care.

Continue reading

Dan Smith discusses development under the Coalition Government

Over at OpenDemocracy, Dan Smith has published an interesting article (‘The New UK Coalition and UK Development Policy‘) that looks looking at the future of British Aid and DFID under the new coalition government.

Dan intelligently touches on many of the issues that have been quietly bubbling away during the election period, such as DFID’s relationship to the Foreign Office, or how DFID and the military could work together. The article is well worth taking the time to read in its entirety.

It also touches on the commitment to 0.7% of GNI to aid, and suggests that for political reasons it may be some time before this legislation is put before Parliament despite repeated commitments by all major parties in the run up to the election. This is something RESULTS will be watching closely indeed.

TB advocacy: new government, new approach

After months of campaigning and days of wrangling behind the scenes, Britain finally has a new coalition government of Conservative and Liberal Democrat Ministers. So what will the new government mean for the UK’s approach to international development and how can those fighting to eradicate TB around the world get strong commitments on TB issues from the coalition government? Continue reading