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David Cameron to open GAVI pledging conference in June

Last week Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, confirmed that the Prime Minister will open the GAVI conference which the UK will host in London in June. The pledging conference is titled ‘Saving children’s lives’ and will seek to mobilise GAVI partners and donors to raise US$ 3.7 billion to scale up immunisation programmes between 2011 and 2015.

Fully funding the GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) Alliance would save the lives of 4 million children by 2015. In addition, fully financing GAVI would drive us significantly closer to achieving Millennium Development Goal 4, which is to reduce under-five mortality by two thirds between 1990 and 2015. It would also bring the world closer to achieving the G8 leaders’ 2010 Muskoka Initiative to improve maternal, new born and child health. Continue reading


A New Vaccine – Saving Children’s Lives

We are thrilled to be able to report that the first children in the world have begun to receive their vaccinations against the world’s biggest child killer — pneumonia. These children are in Kenya, and they are the first wave of vaccinations that are currently heading out to 40 developing countries.

This is tremendous news, and the difference this will make in the world really can’t be overstated. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) has prepared an introductory video.

Pneumococcal disease currently takes the lives of over a million of people every year – including more than half a million children before their fifth birthday. Pneumonia is the most common form of serious pneumococcal disease and accounts for 18% of child deaths in developing countries, making it one of the two leading causes of death among young children.

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February conference call announced: Vaccination, a public health ‘best buy’

On Tuesday the 1st of February at 8pm we will be having our next conference call which is titled ‘Vaccination: A public health ‘best buy’. For our action this month we are asking RESULTS activists to write to your MEPs asking them to support increased funding for the GAVI Alliance, a revolutionary organisation working to increase the numbers of children vaccinated against preventable diseases worldwide. Our special guest on the call will be Eloise Todd, Brussels Director, The One Campaign. Click here to download the action materials.

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New studies shows that reaching the ‘low-hanging fruit’ is the not best approach for reducing child poverty

The global community can save millions of lives by investing first in the most disadvantaged children and communities, according to new reports launched by UNICEF and Save the Children this week. Such an approach would also address the widening gaps that are accompanying progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Save the Children argue that many of the MDGs focus on reaching the ‘low-hanging fruit’ with interventions that target those who are easier to reach and generally better-off rather than really trying to reach the poorest, most marginalised and vulnerable. This is contributing to the fact that MDG 4, which aims to reduce child death rates, is dramatically off-track. Continue reading

Celebrating the past; shaping the future – 30 years of RESULTS

The RESULTS international conference in Washington, DC is extra special this year. 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of RESULTS which was founded back in 1980 by Sam Daley-Harris in the USA.

For three decades, RESULTS partners from around the world have been shining a light on critical, effective solutions to poverty and through our collective efforts have created shifts in development priorities and spending, which have had a major impact on the lives of the poor. Continue reading

RESULTS UK Queues for the Loo

The QueueYesterday (22nd March) was World Water Day and RESULTS activists joined with thousands around the world to form the world’s longest toilet queue to highlight the dire state of sanitation.

Grassroots activists who were in London for our National Conference joined the main London queue outside Parliament, while a member of our Stort Valley group also organised a queue in the school she works in – see the photos below.

With 2.6 billion people not having a safe place to go to the toilet, this is a critical issue. Not counting the horrible indignity of having no proper loo, poor sanitation is responsible for the spread of disease and illness that impacts on health and education – and especially on children. Continue reading

Stephen Harper: prioritise sanitation at G8

After a workshop from the RESULTS group in their area, hundreds of Poole schoolchildren have written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada to ask him to prioritise sanitation in the agenda of the G8 summit in 2010 in order to save children’s lives across the world. Scans of some of the messages are below:

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