Speakers announced for RESULTS National Conference

Plans for this year’s RESULTS National Conference, taking place over the weekend of 9-11th April, continue apace. After the updates we have given over the last few weeks are pleased to announce some of our guest speakers, and that we have released the booking forms.

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David Cameron to open GAVI pledging conference in June

Last week Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, confirmed that the Prime Minister will open the GAVI conference which the UK will host in London in June. The pledging conference is titled ‘Saving children’s lives’ and will seek to mobilise GAVI partners and donors to raise US$ 3.7 billion to scale up immunisation programmes between 2011 and 2015.

Fully funding the GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) Alliance would save the lives of 4 million children by 2015. In addition, fully financing GAVI would drive us significantly closer to achieving Millennium Development Goal 4, which is to reduce under-five mortality by two thirds between 1990 and 2015. It would also bring the world closer to achieving the G8 leaders’ 2010 Muskoka Initiative to improve maternal, new born and child health. Continue reading

March Conference Call announced: “World TB Day: still neglected, still killing”

RESULTS is glad to announce that we will be having our next conference called entitled: “Wold TB Day: still neglected, still killing” on the 1st of March 2011. In light of the 29th anniversary of World TB Day taking place on the 24th of March 2011, we are asking our activists to write to their MPs to ask them to take action to ensure that the UK government puts the political priority necessary into the fight against TB and HIV. Click here to download the action materials.

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UK Education Aid Is Making Significant Impact in India

Professor Geeta Kingdon from the Department of Education Economics and International Development at the Institue Of Education (IOE), University of London has suggested that UK education aid has contributed to India’s opportunities for underprivileged school children.  Recently, there has been controversy in the press regarding the UK Government’s commitment of £1 billion to support educational provision in India over a five year period.

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RESULTS UK Welcomes New Education Campaign Intern

Chelsea at workWe’re pleased to be able to welcome our new Education Campaign Intern, Chelsea Smith, who will be working with RESULTS UK for the next three months.  Chelsea will be supporting Julia Modern on the work of the RESULTS UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Education.  In particular, she will  support members of parliament to take action towards education for all, through identifying key speakers and monitoring developments within the field of education.

Chelsea has recently graduated from The University of Oxford with an MSc degree in International and Comparative Education.   Her areas of study include human rights and education, aid and development in education, comparative national education systems and policies, the role of international organisations and global educational issues and trends.   Prior to joining us, Chelsea worked at the European Centre for Modern Languages through the Council of Europe in the area of European modern foreign language policy and practice.

Chelsea is passionate about educational development and encouraging others to become actively involved in using education as a platform to end global poverty.  Please join us in welcoming Chelsea to RESULTS!  If you would like to get in touch with Chelsea you can do so by emailing her here.

Microfinance in St Paul’s Cathedral

On Tuesday night while RESULTS members were being introduced to the functionality of our new website, RESULTS Executive Director Aaron Oxley was chairing a meeting in the crypt beneath St Paul’s Cathedral titled “Christian Microfinance: Distinctively Different?”

The event was jointly organised by the Microfinance Club UK and the St Paul’s Institute and kindly sponsored by Stewardship.

The speakers at the event included three representatives of major Christian Microfinance organisations: Tom Sanderson from Five Talents, Makonen Getu from Opportunity International and Stephen Lockley from the World Vision microfinance arm, VisionFund. They all spoke about their various organisations and how they see microfinance, as provided by Christian providers, as something different from what secular organisations provide. Continue reading

One minute action – transparency in resource extraction

Eloise Todd from ONE was our guest speaker on our February Conference Call on building support for vaccines. In addition, ONE are currently campaigning for more transparency in how natural resources are managed in developing countries – in particular, that all companies disclose exactly how much they pay governments for the right to extract natural resources. Armed with such useful information, citizens of those countries can then hold their governments to account. If you would like to take a moment to support ONE’s campaign, click here.