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March Conference Call recording now available

On Tuesday we held our March Conference Call entitled: “World TB Day: still neglected, still killing”. March the 24th 2011 marks the 29th anniversary of World TB Day. TB is a preventable and curable disease, yet it kills 1.7 million people every year. While progress has been made towards fighting TB, many challenges remain, the greatest of which is the lack of prioritisation of this global health threat from governments in the developing and developed world. If we do not address the issue now, 20 million people will die from TB in the next decade.

Our guest speaker on the call was Joel Spicer, senior strategist at the Stop TB partnership, a coalition of donors, governments and NGOs working to end TB, which is hosted in the World Health Organisation (WHO). If you were unable to join us on the call, you can now listen to the recording here. Continue reading

March Conference Call announced: “World TB Day: still neglected, still killing”

RESULTS is glad to announce that we will be having our next conference called entitled: “Wold TB Day: still neglected, still killing” on the 1st of March 2011. In light of the 29th anniversary of World TB Day taking place on the 24th of March 2011, we are asking our activists to write to their MPs to ask them to take action to ensure that the UK government puts the political priority necessary into the fight against TB and HIV. Click here to download the action materials.

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Recording of February Conference Call now online

ONE’s Eloise Todd (right) hands over our Copenhagen petition to Danish Development Minister Ulla Tørnæs.

ONE’s Eloise Todd (right) hands over their Copenhagen petition to Danish Development Minister Ulla Tørnæs.

On Tuesday, we held our monthly Conference Call which was titled: “Vaccination: a public health ‘best buy’”. Our guest on the call was Eloise Todd, the Brussels director for the ONE Campaign. At ONE, Eloise works closely with the European Union and the member states to lobby for increased aid contributions and to ensure aid commitments are honoured across all of ONE’s many campaigning areas.  Eloise Todd spoke to us about the fundamental need to increase funding for GAVI (the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunisation).  The GAVI alliance is a global health partnership between public and private sectors, committed to saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in developing countries.  A recording of the call is now available to download here. If you weren’t able to join us on the call do listen to the recording and take the action. Continue reading

February conference call announced: Vaccination, a public health ‘best buy’

On Tuesday the 1st of February at 8pm we will be having our next conference call which is titled ‘Vaccination: A public health ‘best buy’. For our action this month we are asking RESULTS activists to write to your MEPs asking them to support increased funding for the GAVI Alliance, a revolutionary organisation working to increase the numbers of children vaccinated against preventable diseases worldwide. Our special guest on the call will be Eloise Todd, Brussels Director, The One Campaign. Click here to download the action materials.

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1.4 Billion Reasons presentations being planned all over UK

For this month’s action we have asked our activists to take the Global Poverty Project’s 1.4 Billion Reasons D.V.D presentation out into their communities to inform people about extreme poverty and to inspire them to action against it.

The response we have had so far has been amazing with groups up and down the country announcing plans to screen the DVD throughout January, February and March. So far we have 14 confirmed screenings in London, Sheffield, Hampshire, Surrey and Cardiff.

Anybody is welcome to attend these screenings and we would encourage all of our friends and activists to try and get along to one in your local area. We are expecting more  groups to announce plans for screenings in the coming days and weeks so check back for more information as it comes in.

If you are in a group and you are planning on hosting a screening, please let us know in the office so we can provide you with any extra materials you need; flyers, posters, and so on – and we can share your event with the rest of the network.

If you would like to put on a screening, or more information about screenings taking place in your local area, please contact Felix in the office who will be happy to help out.

Recording of January 2011 Conference Call now online

On Tuesday we had our very first monthly action call for 2011 which was entitled ‘1.4 Billion Reasons to end extreme poverty: inspiring your community to join the fight’. This was a call to grassroots activists to host a screening of the Global Poverty Project’s 1.4 Billion Reasons DVD presentation in their local community and to use the film as a catalyst to recruit new Results activists.  Please click here to listen to a recording of the call.

Our special guest speaker was Elisha London, UK Country Manager at the Global Poverty Project. Elisha spoke to us about what the 1.4 Billion Reasons DVD is, how it came into being and why it is such an effective tool to use in inspiring others to join in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty.

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Our next Action Call: January 4th

On Tuesday January 4th 2011 at 8:00pm, we will be having our first monthly conference call of the new year.  We will be asking our grassroots groups to host a screening in their local communities of the Global Poverty Project’s ‘1.4 Billion Reasons’ DVD presentation and using it to recruit new members to your Results groups and thereby inspiring them to join in the fight against extreme poverty. Our special guest on the call will be Elisha London who is the UK Country Manager at the Global Poverty Project.

There are 1.4 billion people in the world who live on less than $1.25 per day. This is barely enough to make two simple meals with just 10 cents left over to pay for everything else – healthcare, education, clothes and transport. In a world with enough food to feed everyone one and a half times over, and wealth enough to spend billions bailing out the financial sector, this situation is a travesty. Yet many people in the UK either don’t know the extent of the problem, or if they do, don’t believe that anything can be done to change it. Continue reading