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UNESCO reports world is off-track to reach education for all

Global Monitoring Report coverThe 2011 UNESCO Global Monitoring Report (GMR) was released on Tuesday. The report, which is released annually, details progress toward achieving the Education for All (EFA) Goals. The good news from this year’s report is that the number of out-of-school children in 2008 reduced to 67 million, from 72 million the year before. However, the reduction is slowing and there may be more children out of school by 2015 than there are today if more is not done.

In addition, each year’s report addresses a focus theme, which in 2011 is education and conflict in fragile states. The report, called “The Hidden Crisis: Armed Conflict in Education”, points out that the provision of universal education is seriously hampered by armed conflict, war and civil unrest.  With half of all out-of-school kids living in conflict affected or fragile countries, this issue needs to be addressed and taken seriously. Continue reading

UK Education Aid Is Making Significant Impact in India

Professor Geeta Kingdon from the Department of Education Economics and International Development at the Institue Of Education (IOE), University of London has suggested that UK education aid has contributed to India’s opportunities for underprivileged school children.  Recently, there has been controversy in the press regarding the UK Government’s commitment of £1 billion to support educational provision in India over a five year period.

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RESULTS attends ‘Future by Us’ Summit on education in Nigeria

Future by UsLast week RESULTS staff were privileged to attend a three day summit, entitled “The Future By Us” organised by the Nigerian High Commission on how the Nigerian community both within the country and in the UK can help to get Nigeria’s failing education system back on track. The summit grew out of a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Education for All, convened by RESULTS in December, which looked at the same topic. Excitingly, the Summit is not the end for the process – the conveners envisage creating a community of people involved in the sector who can work together to push for the major changes that are needed. Continue reading

APPG on Global Education for All hears from head of key education funding body

Carol BellamyYesterday the APPG on Global Education for All, a group of parliamentarians working to promote education for all around the world which RESULTS supports by providing a Secretariat, were visited by Carol Bellamy. Carol is Chair of the Board of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (FTI).

The FTI is a global education partnership between donor and developing countries, which provides roughly $300 million annually in grant funding for national education strategies in low income countries. It is one of the leading international forums helping to achieve education for all, and is based on a ‘compact’ of mutual accountability. Under these agreements developing nations are responsible for taking ownership of crafting national education plans, with budget accountability and a greater commitment of political and financial resources, while donor countries commit to providing the additional technical know-how and funding required. This is designed to ensure that no country that has met its obligations would fail for lack of resources or technical capacity. Continue reading

More parliamentary answers on education in Nigeria

Alison McGovern MP asks a question

Alison McGovern MP asks a question at APPG event

Two weeks ago we reported that several MPs tabled parliamentary questions on the UK government’s support for education in Nigeria in response to a breakfast meeting hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Education for All. Over the last two weeks responses have been coming through, and they paint an interesting and encouraging picture. Continue reading

MPs speak up for education in Nigeria

Following a roundtable meeting on ‘Engaging the community in delivering education for all: the case of Nigeria’ held by the APPGs on Global Education for All and on Nigeria in December, three MPs have tabled parliamentary questions asking the government about their support to education in Nigeria.

Nigeria has the largest number of out of school children of any country in the world – over 8 million according to the latest figures. The UK Department for International Development currently provides support to education in Nigeria through the ‘Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria’ (ESSPIN), which is largely managed through NGOs. There is a big focus on girls’ education, which is a particular issue in large areas of northern Nigeria, and the programme also aims to increase community participation in education. Continue reading

Nigeria High Commissioner joins MPs to debate education in Nigeria

Speakers at the APPG event

Speakers at the APPG event

On Wednesday RESULTS joined  the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Global Education for All and on Nigeria to bring together education experts from various organisations across the globe to discuss ‘Engaging the Community in Delivering Education for All: The Case of Nigeria’.  Nigeria is the country with the largest number of out of school children in the world – over 8 million at the last count – and faces significant problems in the education sector. The meeting intended to investigate how the UK is supporting education in Nigeria at present, particularly through ensuring that local communities are engaged with schools and how this could be extended and/or improved in the future. Continue reading