Speakers announced for RESULTS National Conference

Plans for this year’s RESULTS National Conference, taking place over the weekend of 9-11th April, continue apace. After the updates we have given over the last few weeks are pleased to announce some of our guest speakers, and that we have released the booking forms.

Sat 9th

Session: Reclaiming microfinance for the poor.

Speaker: Daniella Hawkins. Daniella has a background in working with grant making organisations and has spent the last 18 months with the Microloan Foundation including working with partners in Malawi. The Microloan Foundation provide grants to women in Malawi and Zambia. Daniella will be speaking on the technical aspects of social performance management (measuring the impact of microfinance programmes on social indicators such as poverty reduction) and how SPM works in practice. Find out more about Daniella’s work here.

Session: The mission millions: Is our fight for education really ‘for all’.

Speaker: Anne Wafula-Strike. Anne is a Paralympian athlete and former teacher who grew up in Kenya. Anne will speak about her personal experience and knowledge of the Kenyan education system and the position of children with disabilities within it. Read more about Anne here and here.

Speaker: Dr Elaine Unterhalter. Dr Unterhalter is Professor of Education and International Development at the University of London. She has written extensively on gender and education in the developing world. Dr Unterhalter will be speaking on the more technical aspects of exclusion from education and how we can engage the UK government on the issue. Read more about Dr Unterhalter’s work here.

Sun 10th

Session: Put your money where your mouth is: Live Below The Line.

Speaker: Kathryn Llewellyn. Kathryn is UK campaign manager for Live Below The Line at the Global Poverty Project. Kathryn has wide experience of working on large international campaigns. She will be talking to us about how to make your fundraising efforts on the project as successful as possible. Kathryn will be giving practical advice on how to make the most of the GPP’s resources to maximise your involvement in Live Below The Line. Find out more about Kathryn here.

Session: They work for you: understanding and engaging the UK parliament.

Speaker: Elin Twigge. Elin is an Account Manager at Political Lobbying and Media Relations. Elin has extensive experience working with policy makers and politicians on a wide range of development and social justice issues. Elin will be providing practical advice on how to engage MPs, and how to influence policy processes in Whitehall. Read more about Elin here.

We are really pleased that we have managed to secure such an excellent array of speakers, with several more still to be announced. We are now taking bookings for the conference so click here to download the booking form. Please download the form and return it by email to mariam.elazm@results.org.uk or by post to RESULTS UK, 13 Maddox St, London, W1S 2QG


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