Microfinance in St Paul’s Cathedral

On Tuesday night while RESULTS members were being introduced to the functionality of our new website, RESULTS Executive Director Aaron Oxley was chairing a meeting in the crypt beneath St Paul’s Cathedral titled “Christian Microfinance: Distinctively Different?”

The event was jointly organised by the Microfinance Club UK and the St Paul’s Institute and kindly sponsored by Stewardship.

The speakers at the event included three representatives of major Christian Microfinance organisations: Tom Sanderson from Five Talents, Makonen Getu from Opportunity International and Stephen Lockley from the World Vision microfinance arm, VisionFund. They all spoke about their various organisations and how they see microfinance, as provided by Christian providers, as something different from what secular organisations provide.

The presentations were followed by a rousing question and answer session that Aaron moderated, which really began getting into the details.

The kinds of issues discussed included:

  • Do Christian microfinance organisations try to convert their borrowers to Christ?
  • Do they only lend to Christians?
  • Isn’t charging interest against the principles of Christianity?
  • How do you treat those who cannot pay? Shouldn’t we forgive debts?

To learn the answers to these questions and more, take a few minutes and watch the video of the event. The good people at the St Paul’s Institute have made the entire event available in five parts. You can see these and a lot of other interesting events on Christianity, ethics, and finance here.


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