RESULTS UK leads delegation of British MPs to Rwanda

RESULTS is pleased to announce that Aaron Oxley, Executive Director of RESULTS UK and Aparna Barua, ACTION Project Associate, will be leading a parliamentary delegation to Rwanda from the 19th until the 25th of February 2011. The purpose of this delegation will be to assess how Rwanda is addressing major health challenges in tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS co-infection. Sixteen years after civil war, Rwanda has made an incredible recovery and despite on-going political problems the country has taken a leadership position on tackling major health issues.
MPs Cathy Jamieson and Angus MacNeil will be participating in this delegation to learn first-hand the impact of TB on development. By visiting a range of TB control programmes and by speaking to patients, health workers and decision-makers, participants will develop a broader understanding of the impact that TB has on the lives of individuals, communities and the country as a whole and most importantly the actions needed to tackle this disease.

Furthermore, with the increasing challenges countries face due to the interaction of TB with HIV and emerging strains of drug resistant TB, participants will investigate the potential areas where the UK can play a more significant role in the future for overcoming barriers that remain.

RESULTS hopes that this experience will bring encourage the UK Government to take action to support further efforts to tackle TB and fight poverty.


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