February conference call announced: Vaccination, a public health ‘best buy’

On Tuesday the 1st of February at 8pm we will be having our next conference call which is titled ‘Vaccination: A public health ‘best buy’. For our action this month we are asking RESULTS activists to write to your MEPs asking them to support increased funding for the GAVI Alliance, a revolutionary organisation working to increase the numbers of children vaccinated against preventable diseases worldwide. Our special guest on the call will be Eloise Todd, Brussels Director, The One Campaign. Click here to download the action materials.

Young child after Tetanus vaccination

Photo by Pierre Holtz for UNICEF

Every year, more than 8.1 million children around the world die from preventable diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, HIV and measles. In order to reach Millennium Development Goal 4 on reducing child mortality by two thirds by 2015 the world needs to be reducing child deaths four times faster than we currently are. One of the best methods we have to save children’s lives and health is vaccination.

Vaccination against measles is now widespread, for example, and as a result deaths from measles fell by 78% between 2000 and 2008. This reduction accounted for approximately a quarter of the entire reduction in child mortality in this period. Even more impressively, measles vaccination is cheap – it costs less than $1 to vaccinate a child against measles. Vaccination is recognised as the most cost-effective way of saving children’s lives after investments in clean water and sanitation.

This month we are asking our grassroots to lobby their MEPs to help support the continued funding of this life changing initiative. GAVI funding is a  way to guarantee that we as a development community are moving closer to eliminating infant mortality all over the world.

Earlier this month we held our Focus Call which was on the institutions of the European Union. It provides very useful information to help you prepare to take the action. Click here to listen again.

If you would like more information on how to join the call, please contact Felix in the office.


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