Guest Blog! Madeline Young on London 1.4 Bn Reasons Screening

For this blog entry we hand the authorship over to a guest, Madeline R. Young. Madeline is member of our London group and a good friend of RESULTS. She works as a Research Consultant at the FRIDE Foundation.

On January 11th, RESULTS UK held a public screening of the “1.4 Billion Reasons” D.V.D made by the Global Poverty Project. I am glad that I came to this event! The audience was a diverse mix of people from many backgrounds: volunteers, development professionals, and community members who came together to learn more about hot to get involved in ending extreme poverty. We watched the video and shared our reactions to it. Most of us felt that it was a very good presentation that gave hope and inspiration in the fight against the extreme poverty that is affecting 1.4 billion people who live on less than £1 per day.

We heard the stories of normal people who have successfully struggled to get out of poverty with the help of innovative projects lead by local and international organisations. This clearly highlighted the division between ‘good’, effective aid, that meets the needs of local communities, and ‘bad’ aid which is spent wastefully on projects which are unwanted and inefficient.

We also saw explanations of the roots of long-term poverty and economic instability in the developing world. The information was presented with graphics and helpful imagery; this made the technical research more understandable for people who may be less familiar with statistics or academic data.

I felt that the D.V.D was a great tool for anyone to learn about extreme poverty. The video was a success for me because it integrated a combination of real-life success stories from real people, easier-to-understand research data, expert interviews, critical assessments of why poverty continues, and information on how global citizens can be a part of the solution. As a research specialist focused on combatting poverty, I highly recommend that anyone see this video and share it with friends, family and colleagues.

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