Our next Action Call: January 4th

On Tuesday January 4th 2011 at 8:00pm, we will be having our first monthly conference call of the new year.  We will be asking our grassroots groups to host a screening in their local communities of the Global Poverty Project’s ‘1.4 Billion Reasons’ DVD presentation and using it to recruit new members to your Results groups and thereby inspiring them to join in the fight against extreme poverty. Our special guest on the call will be Elisha London who is the UK Country Manager at the Global Poverty Project.

There are 1.4 billion people in the world who live on less than $1.25 per day. This is barely enough to make two simple meals with just 10 cents left over to pay for everything else – healthcare, education, clothes and transport. In a world with enough food to feed everyone one and a half times over, and wealth enough to spend billions bailing out the financial sector, this situation is a travesty. Yet many people in the UK either don’t know the extent of the problem, or if they do, don’t believe that anything can be done to change it.

At RESULTS we are part of a global movement to end extreme poverty. To achieve this aim, it’s essential that as many people as possible join the fight, to hold those with the power to change things to account. To help spread the message that extreme poverty is both an outrage and is solvable, our partners at the Global Poverty Project have created the ‘1.4 Billion Reasons’ DVD, which is a presentation outlining the problems of extreme poverty, and also how they can be overcome. It is a powerful call to action. This New Year, we are asking you to use the excellent resource of the DVD to reach out to your community and spread the word. As well as being important in itself to get the message out, it’s an ideal opportunity to find new recruits for your RESULTS group.

As we move into a new year we want to use this action to bring new people into RESULTS, to broaden our network and to raise awareness about the issue of global poverty; that not only is it real and immediate, but that we can all make a tangible difference. Please click here to download the January Action sheet and Background sheets.


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