Christian Microfinance: Distinctively Different?

RESULTS Executive Director Aaron Oxley has been asked to chair an event at the Microfinance Club UK in mid-February 2011. The event is called “Christian Microfinance: Distinctively Different?” and the goal of the evening is to explore just what makes organisations that are motivated and informed by the Christian  faith different from other microfinance providers and how they are different.

Speakers include Tom Sanderson from Five Talents, Makonen Getu from Opportunity International and Stephen Lockley from World Vision International. It will be held in the Wren Suite at St Paul’s Cathedral and promises to be a lively conversation. Aaron himself worked for Opportunity International for many years so will be ensuring that the panel doesn’t dodge any challenging questions that get asked and will be creating the space for the panel to explore, explain and expand on their special contribution to the field.

If you have not been to a Microfinance Club UK event before, the first time you attend is free but you need to register your attendance on their website. You can find details on becoming a member of the club there too.

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