December action materials now available online

The December Action Pack is now available on the RESULTS UK website. Our conference call this month will focus on responding positively to the recent backlash against spending on aid in the media by sharing some of the many stories of those who have benefited from international aid. We will be talking particularly about the fight against HIV, in the wake of World Aids Day, which was celebrated yesterday. The call will be held on Tuesday 7th December 2010 at 8:00pm. To join in, contact your local group leader or the RESULTS office.

There have been sustained attacks in the media recently against the protected international aid budget, especially in light of the many cuts that were made in other sectors of the UK economy. In response to this backlash, RESULTS activists are being encouraged to illustrate the other side of the coin using factual stories from the actual recipients of aid. Huge achievements have been made through aid; for example in a recent speech Minister of State Stephen O’Brien pointed out that just a decade ago it was hard to conceive that it was possible to achieve some of the things that has been done in the fight against HIV. Some of achievements he mentioned included the price of first line AIDS drugs falling by 99% and having over 5 million HIV people from poorer countries having access to treatment. In addition, according to UNAIDS Global Report, the spread of HIV has been halted and is now being reversed.

There is a plethora of resources which exist to show how international aid is saving lives threatened by poverty, including the Living Proof Project and the ‘Saving Lives’ section of the Global Fund website. These resources will give you lots of material to take this month’s action.

ONE Campaign 'No child born with HIV by 2015' imagePlease join us on Tuesday to learn more about how you can help with this month’s media action. The guest on this month’s call will be Alexander Woollcombe, UK Government Relations Manager at the ONE Campaign, who will be talking about ONE’s campaign to end the transmission of HIV from mothers to children.

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