Craig David Speaks Out About His Fight Against Tuberculosis

Craig David, UN Goodwill Ambassador against Tuberculosis, appeared yesterday and today on Al Jazeera English in an interview with Riz Khanon on his program, ‘One on One’.

Since becoming a Goodwill Ambassador in March 2010, Craig David has taken part in a number of engagements including a journey to South Africa to learn first hand and meet the people at the front lines – people who have beaten the disease, people who are still fighting it, kids who face the threat of tuberculosis every day, and scientists who have dedicated their lives to making tuberculosis history. In September this year he donated a new and orginal song to the fight against TB. The interview on ‘One on One’ is now part of his growing engagement with the issues surrounding TB. During the half hour interview Craig talked about his life as a musician and how he produces music not only for popular culture, but also as a means to communicate with chidlren in remote areas of Africa.

With an audience of almost 200 million people around the world, the ‘One on One’ show with Craig David is a great way to reach out to millions of people about the very real impact of Tuberculosis on the lives of those affected in sub-Saharan Africa.

You can watch the interview here:


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