RESULTS UK highlighted in briefing on engaging the public in tackling global poverty

The DEA and Institute for Development Studies (IDS) recently produced a joint briefing highlighting the key issues facing the international development community as it sets out to engage the British public in tacking global poverty.

One of the questions discussed is whether development organisations should seek to engage with all members of the public through a ‘broad-but-shallow’ approach or to focus on deeper engagement with a smaller number of people.

The briefing notes that most people are likely to engage with development issues through high profile campaigns such as Red Nose Day or in response to disaster appeals. The level of engagement is usually quite shallow and time-limited with people making a financial contribution or taking a quick e-action, for example. This is said to be a good approach for getting large numbers of people to support a cause but is less successful at engaging people on a sustainable basis over the long-term.

At a roundtable meeting, participants from the DEA and IDS discussed whether it is possible to engage more deeply with the public over a longer period. In the report, it was noted that opportunities for people to get involved in fighting poverty in this way already exists – through RESULTS! This is a great testament to the work of RESULTS activists over the years who have shown that it is possible for people working together in a relatively small network to become effective agents for change!

To read this really interesting report click here. We’d love to know what you think is the best way to engage people in the fight against poverty and whether you think the RESULTS approach is for everyone. Comments are very welcome, below.


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