DFID releases departmental business plan

This week the Department for International Development (DFID) released its business plan for the period 2011-2015. You can read DFID’s plan here. The business plan sets out DFID’s vision and strategies for the coming years, as well as details of departmental expenditure and a transparency section intended to allow voters to hold DFID accountable to ensure value for money.

The business plan outlines six key priorities, namely: Honour international commitments, introduce transparency in aid, boost wealth creation, strengthen governance and security in fragile and conflict-affected countries, lead international action to improve the lives of girls and women, and combat climate change.

Although the business plan states important priorities for DFID to focus on, RESULTS in concerned about the lack of information about the assertion that the Department will ‘Honour international commitments’. It is not clear what commitments this refers to.

With little detail in the business plan about what DFID will do to reduce poverty, RESULTS is concerned that DFID may not reaffirm critical targets that had been pledged under the previous administration to deliver the basic services needed to support poor people. These include targets to ‘Support 8 million children in school in Africa by 2010’; ‘Help 25 million people gain access to water and sanitation in Africa over the next 5 years’ and to ‘Support the development of a new multi-donor facility across Africa, aiming to deliver microfinance to 10 million more clients over 5 years’.

DFID has launched a consultation on the information section of its business plan (designed to help the public hold DFID to account), which allows key stakeholders and the public to give feedback. The consultation runs until the end of January 2011, after which the full plan will go live in April 2011. If you are interested in providing input into DFID’s business plan, you can do so here.


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