A “Big GLOBAL Society”?

Aaron Oxley of RESULTS UK is going to be speaking at an upcoming public conference on engaging people in expanding the Coalition Government’s idea about a “Big Society” to take in those outside our borders – a Big Global Society.

This conference, organised by the DEA, is important as the Coalition government has emphasised the importance of the Big Society but it has focused primarily on local initiatives. To be a truly big society, and to meet the challenges of international poverty and climate change, we need to be a ‘Big Global Society’. This conference will be of interest to anyone seeking to engage the public on global issues, including RESULTS Activists and other concerned citizens, NGOs, educators, policy makers, social enterprises, trade unions and progressive businesses.

Aaron will be speaking specifically about the strengths of the RESULTS model, and about how we support and encourage our grassroots to become true champions for the end of poverty. This way of engagement presents a very practical way of taking the idea of the Big Global Society and using it to get real results.

The conference will explore the latest thinking on how we can educate and engage the public in global issues. Sessions include:

  • The state of public engagement with global issues;
  • Funding the big society
  • The role of NGOs in educating and engaging the public
  • What sort of education system do we need to promote a big global society?
  • A big society for sustainable development
  • The politics of the big global society

Confirmed speakers include:

Aaron Oxley (RESULTS UK)
Anna Coote (New Economics Foundation)
Ann Finlayson (SEED)
Ben Tuxworth (Forum for the Future)
David Cutler (Baring Foundation)
David Lambert (Geographical Association)
Duncan Green (Oxfam)
Eleanor Knowles (DEC’s Consortium)
Gemma Tumelty (TUC)
Hetan Shah (DEA)
Jo Kitterick (CAFOD)
Kathryn Busby (Equality Trust)
Rebekah Phillips (Green Alliance)
Cllr Richard Kemp (Local Government Association)
Spencer Henson (Institute of Development Studies)
Tom Crompton (WWF)

And with a Ministerial speaker to be confirmed.

For more details about the conference and to book tickets, please go to http://dea2010.eventbrite.com/


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