Meet the new RESULTS UK Education Associate

margaret at workMy name is Margaret Ya’u, a Commonwealth Professional Fellow currently in the UK on a placement with Results UK for three months. In Nigeria I work with Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) as the programme manager. CSACEFA is an Education coalition of civil societies/NGOs in Nigeria that is working in the area of education, seeking to influence policy issues through advocacy and work to promote involvement and participation of stakeholders in the provision of good quality education to its citizenry. It also works to strengthen the capacity of CSOs/NGOs in effective engagement with the government and the general public in education service delivery. CSACEFA started in year 2000 with an initial forty member organisations coming together to form the coalition, the membership has since grown to over 450 member organisations.

Over the years as I have been involved in coordination of the coalition’s programmes and activities, they have included the development of proposals and memos, conducting trainings for members and relevant partners, sitting on technical committees, coordinating the implementation of the coalition’s projects, advocacy, campaign activities and mobilisation of key stakeholders for their involvement and participation in education issues.

Amongst other projects I was working on prior to the placement at RESULTS include an Oxfam Novib sponsored project called “Strengthening Girls’ Education Project” (SGENN), which is being implemented in six northern states in Nigeria, the areas with lowest percentage of girls’ education especially in enrolment, transition and completion of basic education. Its goal is to improve girls’ access to, retention and completion of quality basic education.  I am also coordinating the monitoring and evaluation process of the UNICEF/DFID Girls’ Project (GEP), which is being implemented in collaboration with Federal and State Ministries of Education and focal State Universal Basic Education Boards, conducting trainings for the newly established Nigerian School Based Management Committees (SBMCs) and serving as the secretary in the technical working group of UNICEF “Nigerian Girls’ Education Initiative” (NGEI).

I am really excited to gather wealth of experience and expertise from and also bring in my work experience into RESULTS UK and most importantly to the education project and ‘Education For All’ APPG. I have a passionate interest in education issues and social development work and I look forward to working closely with education stakeholders in the UK and around the world!

My first two days on the job kicked off with a general staff meeting, one on one briefing on RESULTS UK ways of working and software – the blog, APPGs, working with the Parliament – which sounds very interesting. I am so excited to be at RESULTS UK and to learn from the best practices recorded in advocacy work. I have received boosters for the work and I can’t wait any longer to begin work as I continue in this journey of acquisition of experiences that are exhibited by the group in RESULTS UK.

I promise you that my work here will be full of excitement and interesting experiences that might interest you too, so watch this space!


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