Last Chance: Invite Your MP to see 1.4 Billion Reasons

We wrote a little while ago that RESULTS was co-hosting a presentation of 1.4 Billion Reasons especially for MP’s. Well, this is happening next week on Monday the 13th, so we are looking for one last inviting push to get as many MPs along as possible. We have also just had confirmation that the Secretary of State for International Development, Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, will be in attendance.

1.4 Billion Reasons is a fantastic presentation, and it’s a great introduction to international development and a call to action. If you have a new MP, or an MP that is perhaps not so keen on development issues, it is especially important to get them along to this screening so some of their pre-concieved idea about development can be broken down and they can see the real picture and the possibilities to make a true difference in the world.

If you haven’t yet invited your MP along, or if you have and have not yet heard back from them, please take a second, click here, and invite them along to what will be a very exciting event!


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