September action materials available online

The September action pack is now available on the RESULTS website. Our monthly conference call, which will address the Millennium Development Goals and the upcoming UN MDG Summit, will be held on Tuesday 7th September at 8pm. For details of how to join the call, please contact the RESULTS office.

Our guest speaker will be Winstone Zulu, who is a health advocate from Zambia. Winstone is HIV positive and a TB survivor. Although he was treated for and survived TB, he has seen four of his brothers die from the disease because they could not access treatment. Winstone is an outstanding speaker so we’re really excited about having him on the call.

Ten years ago the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted by the UN member nations (then totalling 189 countries). The countries agreed to meet the eight goals by 2015, establishing an opportunity for donor and recipient countries to work in global partnership to combat extreme poverty around the world.

Since then, we have seen noticeable reductions in poverty and increases in access to basic services in all regions. However, progress towards many of the MDGs has slowed and if the targets are to be met by 2015, developed and developing countries alike must re-commit to the goals they set out to achieve a decade ago.

In a few weeks time the UN will hold a review summit on the MDGs to assess what progress has been made towards the goals and what more needs to be done to reach them by 2015. In the current financial and political environment, there is a real possibility the UK will shy away from taking a leadership role. For this month’s action, we are asking you to write letters to the editor or opinion pieces for local and national media to send a strong message to the UK government that they must make additional financial commitments to key sectors covered by the MDGs, especially in health and education. We will use the published media pieces to ensure the UK representative at the Summit, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, is aware of the importance of UK leadership.

Failure to meet the MDGs will have terrible consequences. Based on current progress, millions of children will continue to die before the age of five each year, hundreds of thousands of women will continue to lose their lives in childbirth and 56 million children will miss out on primary education. The MDGs present a chance to fight hunger and extreme poverty – we just need the political commitment to spend money on what we know works.

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