Win an amazing opportunity to visit Lesotho

The Born HIV Free campaign is offering you the chance to go to Lesotho next month to see the front lines of the fight against HIV.

This is a rare chance for you to see the life-saving work undertaken by those in the field and explore a beautiful country few people get to visit.

However, this is not a holiday. It’s a challenge. You will be reporting back your experiences for your fellow supporters. You will help others understand the impact of The Global Fund and why they need to support the Born HIV Free campaign. For this, they need someone whom is as passionate about saving children from HIV;  someone that can reach out to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people and persuade them support the campaign as well. 

Read this message below from the Born HIV Free campaign to find out more:

How do we decide who should go?

We put this in your hands. We’re going to pick the person who gathers the most support for the campaign. We’re going to pick the supporter that recruits the most people via to our Causes petition and raises the most awareness for the campaign.

Do you want to go? Here is what you need to do (make sure you’re logged in to Facebook)

1. Click on and click invite your friends (or use this link: ) and invite as many of your friends to sign up as possible (be sure to publish the link on your profile too).

2. Gather support elsewhere. Write to blogs you know, persuade anyone that can reach a big audience to promote the campaign, host promotional events at your local club. Persuade employees to sign up. Really innovative promotional ideas will go down well here.

3. Send an e-mail to telling us who you are, how many people you have recruited and what you did to promote the campaign.

At 10:59am, (UK time), Sept 3rd, competition entries close and we will contact the winner the following day.

*Quick note: For legal reasons, this competition is only open to residents of Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, The United States and the United Kingdom. You must be at least 21 years old as of the date of entry. Full terms and conditions are available here:


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