Aaron Oxley attends Climate Change Conference to raise awareness of microinsurance against climate disasters

This week RESULTS’ Executive Director Aaron Oxley took part in the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Climate Change negotiations in Bonn. Aaron met with key players in the UNFCCC process, which was intended to reach an international agreement on preventing further climate change and adapting to change that is now inevitable, in order to promote the inclusion of microinsurance against climate disasters in the outcome documents from the negotiations. Microinsurance remains one of the few interventions being discussed at the UNFCCC negotiations that will directly and immediately begin protecting the poor.

Yesterday Aaron took part in a press briefing alongside other experts in the field of microinsurance against climate change, including Koko Warner of the United Nations University, Christoph Bals of the NGO Germanwatch and Shadreck Mapfumo of MicroEnsure, one of the leading organisations providing microinsurance for poor farmers in the developing world. You can watch a recording of the press briefing on the UNFCCC website.

During the briefing Shadreck gives a fantastic overview of the experience of MicroEnsure in providing microinsurance to poor farmers. He explains how this has unlocked rural financial markets and allowed farmers to access credit to pay for better farm inputs, hence increasing their yields and income dramatically.

Aaron rounds off the briefing with an explanation of why microinsurance systems need to be linked into the global risk management system, more on the wider benefits it brings to the poor, and why microinsurance for adaptation should be included specifically in the United Nations Framework on climate change.


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