Invite your MP to a Screening of 1.4 Billion Reasons

RESULTS UK, The Global Poverty Project, and the ONE Campaign have joined together to have a special screening of “1.4 Billion Reasons”, the landmark presentation from The Global Poverty Project that is touring the UK.

Some MPs have already seen the presentation, and are enthusiastic. Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin said “I urge all colleagues to come and see it for yourself,” while Lib-Dem MP Julian Huppert said “I am committed to giving it all the support I can.”

Labour MP and Former Secretary of State for International Development Douglas Alexander said of the presentation that “In today’s world, there are fewer more important messages.”

Invitations have been sent to all MPs earlier this week, but one of the most effective ways of helping to encourage your MP to come along is for you, as a constituent, to ask them to attend and explain how important the issues raised in the presentation are to you.

If you have a few moments spare and live in the UK, please take the time to personally invite along your MP by visiting the Global Poverty Project’s website here.


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