People Underestimate Generosity of Others

recent article in “Third Sector” magazine highlights new research that people in the UK vastly underestimate how generous they are in giving to charities.

Only 15% of people think, correctly, that more than half of the UK population gives to charity every month. 44% of people surveyed thought the average donation was less than £6, with the actual average being £10.

This is important because, as social scientists and psychologists tell us, people do things when they think other people are doing them. People in the UK need to realise that to give to charity every month is normal and is what more than half of us do, and that we don’t give pennies but give pounds. If more people realised this, even more would be encouraged to put their money into causes they care about.

The old cliché about money being power would suggest that people should be proud of their giving to organisations like RESULTS that are generating the end of poverty. We’d like to say thank you to those who donate to us every month – it makes a huge difference to the kind of activities we can do and the impact we can have!

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