July conference call now online

Joanne CarterOn Tuesday night we held our July conference call – click on the link to listen to a recording.  We were joined by Joanne Carter, who is Executive Director of RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) and NGO representative on the board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Joanne gave a very comprehensive overview of the Global Fund, focusing in particular on its measurable impact and how it does its business. She explained how the Global Fund has fundamentally transformed the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria by delivering resources that previously were unavailable. These resources have changed countries’ ability to respond to these diseases. Joanne cited the massive distribution of bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria as an example. Due to such efforts, many countries have seen death rates from malaria drop by 50 to 60 percent.

Joanne reiterated how the Global Fund is a performance-based institution driven by results. Programmes are measured against very specific indicators and if a programme fails to perform, steps are taken to rectify the problem or funding is removed. In addition, by bringing all stakeholders to the table at both a country and a global level, the Global Fund ensures a comprehensive approach to reach the most marginalised people.

Most importantly, Joanne described how the Global Fund has become a victim of its own success. Because it has been so successful in delivering results, it is now facing a funding shortfall. She emphasized how important it is for the UK to ramp up its contribution to the Global Fund because this will leverage other countries to follow its lead.

You can access a recording of the call on our website.  Please do take the action for this month, which is to write directly to Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell MP to ask him to commit to increasing UK contributions to the Global Fund to meet its ‘fair share’ of £840 million and to ask him to push other donor countries to follow the UK’s example and invest in this effective, results-driven institution.

If you need any help with taking the action you can contact the RESULTS office – our contact details are on our website.


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