Ed Davey MP champions education at 1GOAL assembly

Ed Davey MP with pupils at Coombe Boys' SchoolLast Friday two members of the London RESULTS group arranged for their MP Ed Davey (Minister for Employment Relations in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) to attend a 1GOAL event at Coombe Boys’ School, New Malden. 1GOAL is an international campaign aiming to ensure that the legacy of the first World Cup to be held in Africa is education for all the continents’ children. You can sign up to add your voice to the campaign using the form on the RESULTS homepage.

Ed Davey gave an address to the 644 students present, emphasising the new coalition government’s concern over global poverty, and the importance of child health and education for fighting poverty. He decried the scandal that there are more children out of school in the world than the child population of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia combined.

1GOAL logoThe students at Coombe Boys’ School have put together a ‘supporter scarf’ filled with signatures which will be sent to the Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street to ask him to prioritise education for all. At the end of the assembly, Ed Davey added his signature to the scarf.

If you would like to join in with the campaign to push the new UK government to provide strong support for education for all you can take the RESULTS June action, which is to write to David Cameron. More details are available on our website. If you are a teacher and would like to run a 1GOAL assembly at your school you can sign up at the Send My Friend website.

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