“Two reasons why I got into politics”

Back in May, Yoga and Chris from the London RESULTS group got in touch with their MP, Ed Davey to talk to him about global health issues and the importance of this year’s G8 summit and Global Fund Replenishment meeting.

This short clip of Yoga talking to Ed gives you an insight into what a constituency meeting is like. Here, Ed tells Yoga that the environment and international development were the two main reasons for him getting into politics. During the meeting he tells Yoga “sometimes you can lose sight of the real big picture so it’s great that you reminded me of this.”

Thanks to Yoga and Chris’ efforts Ed Davey has already taken up a number of issues with the Secretary of State for International Development. He even participated in a recent 1Goal event at a local school to support the global campaign to ensure that all primary school-aged children have access to an education. Brilliant work going on in Kingston and Surbiton!


2 responses to ““Two reasons why I got into politics”

  1. Great video Yoga – thanks so much for sharing this!

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