Listen to our latest focus call on the Global Fund – recording now online

Last night, we held our latest focus call on the Global Fund as part of our ‘Back to Basics’ series. The call gives a really good, thorough briefing on the Global Fund and provides excellent preparation for our July conference call, which will address the replenishment of the Global Fund. In case you missed it, we highly encourage you to listen to a recording of the call here.

We were joined by RESULTS activists from around the country, as well as by Aaron Oxley, Executive Director of RESULTS, and Kate Finch, the UK manager for the ACTION Project which works to mobilise more resources to fight tuberculosis. Aaron gave a brief review of the history of the Global Fund and provided an in-depth look at its structure and how the Global Fund actually works. More importantly, Aaron provided an overview of the Global Fund’s guiding principle of performance-based funding: ‘Raise it, Invest it, Prove it’.

Aaron also underlined some of the Global Fund’s successes, including the 5.7 million lives it has saved to date. Kate went on to explain some of the challenges the Fund is currently facing, including a potential future shortage of funds for a growing number of well-planned and prepared grants.

Please not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions regarding the Global Fund. You can do so by emailing Julia at


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