Sun and fun in Poole raises funds for RESULTS

Picture of fundraiserOn Saturday the Poole RESULTS group held a fundraising party on Sandbanks beach. The event was held in the garden of a friend of the group, which backs on to the beach. Charis, the owner of the house, also kindly provided raffle prizes,  cold drinks, toilet and changing facilities, and a warm outdoor shower for swimmers, and organised a ‘guess the names of the teddy bears’ competition.

Helen from the Poole group commented that the sunny weather attracted lots of people to the event, where plenty of children – and at least one adult – braved a dip in the sea!

A huge thanks to the whole Poole group for raising £274! As well as raising money for RESULTS, Helen reported that a fun day was had by all.  With very little preparation or effort the group was able to organise a successful and enjoyable event. Events like this are also great opportunities for reaching out to your community to build social bonds and help to educate your friends about international development, and importantly what they can do to help the poorest people in the world.


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