Queen’s speech includes commitment to spend 0.7% on development aid from 2013

At the State Opening of Parliament today, the Queen confirmed the government’s intention to spend 0.7% of GNI on official development assistance (ODA) every year from 2013.

The 0.7% commitment was not part of the list of bills that the new government hopes to achieve over the next 18 months but the fact that it was included in the Queen’s Speech is a clear indication of the new coalition government’s intentions to put it into law through other means in the future.In the briefing note that accompanied the annoucement it says:

This underlines the Government’s commitment that 0.7 per cent of GNI will be spent as ODA (Official Development Assistance) every year from 2013.

On aid spending our commitment is clear – we won’t balance the budget on the back of the world’s poorest people. Confirming our commitment on aid is both morally right and in our national interest.

This will place Britain in a position of clear international leadership, encourage other countries to live up to their commitments and generate momentum ahead of September’s UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals.

Value for money will be central to everything we do: using the power of independent evaluation, transparency and results-focus to drive a step change in the effectiveness of Briatin’s aid efforts.

Earlier in the year, RESULTS called for the  0.7% target to be enshrined in law so we are pleased to see the inclusion of the 0.7% target in the Queen’s Speech today. The Coalition Programme for Government document announced by David Cameron and Nick Clegg last week included a pledge to “enshrine this commitment in law” so we will continue to push for the legislative process to move forward as quickly as possible.


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