Born HIV Free – an important new initiative helping to Fund the Global Fund

Born HIV FreeThis week an important new campaign, “Born HIV Free” was launched by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria.

Born HIV Free is a campaign to ensure that no child is born with HIV by 2015. Michel Kazatchkine, the Executive Director of the Global Fund, said:

“We can win this battle against Aids if we get the funding we require. This campaign is intended to encourage people to sign up in support of the Global Fund, and to show their leaders that there is strong public support to continue and increase funding for its mission.”

The Born HIV Free initiative is very timely. With the G8 this year having a strong focus on Maternal and Newborn Child Health, this high-profile campaign explicitly shows how the Global Fund can contribute to this aim, making a powerful link between the goal of helping children and that of controlling AIDS and other diseases of poverty  – including TB, which more easily infects and kills those living with HIV.

If you have not yet been to see your MP for our May action, this is a great example to share of how the goals of a strong G8 commitment to Maternal and Newborn Child Health in July and a strong replenishment for the Global Fund in October are mutually reinforcing and deserve the UK Government’s support.

Read more about the initiative on the BBC news website, and visit the main Born HIV Free site here.


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