Robin Hood to welcome MPs

On Wednesday as new MPs enter Parliament for the first timeGlobal Days of Action logo they will be met by a band of merry men displaying an arrow-shaped banner featuring the profile pictures of over 3,400 facebook supporters of the Robin Hood Tax campaign. The campaigners aim to highlight just how many people support the initiative to put a tiny tax on financial transactions to pay for fighting poverty and tackling climate change. In Edinburgh we hear that a supporter will dress up as Robin Hood and ride through Edinburgh on a horse surrounded by merry men telling supporters about the campaign.

The events are part of a ‘Global Day of Action’, during which coalitions around the world will be calling for the tax. Meanwhile an informal G20 Finance Ministers meeting will be happening in Berlin, which will include discussion of preparations for the G20 summit in Toronto in June, when campaigners hope international leaders will take steps to implement levies on financial transactions. If you want to take part in influencing the G20 you can sign the petition calling on the G20 to implement a Robin Hood Tax at


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