May conference call recording now online

Last night we held our May conference call. We were privileged to be joined by Chris Dendys, Director of RESULTS Canada and a real expert on maternal and child health. Chris told us about the crucial interventions that can save the lives of millions of women and children every year – having trained community health-workers, and focusing on the diseases that kill the largest number of these vulnerable groups, which are diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria.

Chris also explained the enormous impact the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has in improving the health of women and children, using the example of a programme in Ethiopia funded through the Global Fund, the Canadian government and several other donors, which trained 30,000 young women to act as community health-workers in the poorest communities in the country, and equiped over 15,000 health posts with the life-saving interventions – drugs, bed-nets and equipment – that these workers need to save lives.

You can access a recording of the call on our website. Please do take the action for this month, which is to speak to our newly elected MPs after the election tomorrow about the need for UK support to these crucial interventions. If you would like help with taking the action you can contact the RESULTS office – our contact details are on our website.

In the background materials and during the call we discussed a set of 23 proven effective interventions that could prevent over 60% of all child deaths, which were identified several years ago in an article published by the Lancet journal. If you want to know more about this research you can read the paper here.


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