Focus call on ‘gearing up for the election’ – recording online

Last night we held our latest focus call on ‘gearing up for the election’, helping to prepare our activists for making a big noise about the importance of ending poverty during this election period. A recording of the call is now available here.

During the call we discussed what local activists can do to raise the profile of international development during the election campaign, and we wanted to share this more widely to ensure that you can all get involved! Two specific areas of work were discussed – getting items published in the media, which is even more valuable than usual at present while candidates are so focused on their electorate, and attending or organising local pre-election hustings.

Hustings are events at which the public get to ask questions to their candidates for election. They are organised locally within each constituency, often by community groups such as places of worship or campaign groups. On the call we discussed how to make sure that your participation in hustings is as effective as possible – do listen to the recording to learn more.

Many hustings events are coming up in the next few days, and most are during next week, so please take a look now to see if there is something happening near you. You can find listings of hustings at the website of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) and on the website of the Vote Global initiative. In addition to listings of hustings that have already been organised, the CTBI website also includes details of people who are interested in setting up hustings in other constituencies, but haven’t yet done so, and you should feel free to contact them if you would like to help.

On the call we also discussed the three main political parties’ policies on international development. You can read a summary of the international development section of each party’s manifesto here, and more information is available on the Vote Global website and through the One campaign.


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