Minister responds to RESULTS activist’s questions

Mike Foster MP, Minister of State for International Development has responded to a set of questions put to him by a member of the RESULTS Stort Valley group. Gill Price, who is a teacher at a school for children with special needs asked the Minister to give her more details on his department’s plans to assist children with disabilities in the developing world to attain an education.

In his responses the Minister said that training teachers in inclusive education methodologies, so that they become confident in teaching children with varying needs, was ‘likely’ to be included as a strategy to help improve the access of children with disabilities to a good quality education. In their recent education strategy the Department for International Development (DFID) committed to train 130,000 teachers every year, and the Minister suggests that there may be an emphasis within this pledge on inclusive methodologies. This is an exciting development, and one that we will be pressing for more details from DFID on. Well done Gill!

You can see the full letters here:

Gill’s letter from Mike Foster page 1

Gill’s letter from Mike Foster page 2


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