Your chance to ask a Prime Minister’s Question

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced that he will be answering questions from the public today in a ‘people’s Prime Minister’s Questions’. This is your chance to ask a question directly to the man currently running the country and seeking election for another term.

You can submit a question at the Labour Party website: Gordon Brown will be answering questions at 5pm today so submit your question now!

You probably have a million things you’d like to ask Gordon Brown, but it terms of advancing the poverty agenda this is an ideal opportunity to continue to push the current government to wholeheartedly support financial transaction taxes. The ‘Robin Hood Tax’ proposal could raise up to $400 billion per year of additional funds to redress some of the harmful effects of the financial crisis and get the world back on track to reach the Millennium Development Goals, meet our commitments to climate change financing, and as well making a major impact fighting poverty here in the UK.


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