Many Thanks from Aeras

AerasLast week DFID announced £12 million in new funding for Tuberculosis on World TB Day. £8 million of this grant will be given over 5 years to Aeras.

Aeras (or to use its full name the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation), is a non-profit development partnership that is dedicated to the development of a new and effective TB vaccine. It is crucial that we have such a vaccine, because most people believe we won’t be able to truly beat TB until we do.

So, it is great news that DFID is funding Aeras. It was even better to receive an email from Peg Willingham at Aeras thanking RESULTS UK and RESULTS partners in other countries for all our hard work promoting the need for more investment in TB. Her email reads:

As you probably know by now, today was the long-awaited official announcement of DFID’s generous grant of £8 million over 5 years to Aeras.  I just wanted to express the gratitude of our entire organization to RESULTS-UK for your help and advice over the past several years – we literally could not have achieved this grant without you.  Thanks to you, we were able to connect with the APPG on TB and with other important stakeholders in the UK, and we also are grateful for your advocacy in general about the importance of new tools to prevent, treat, diagnose and ultimately eradicate TB.

Thank you so much!

It is so wonderful to get this recognition and thanks for our work.

In addition, it’s our pleasure to acknowledge that a critical component of this success is our dedicated and passionate grassroots advocates. You are an inspiring bunch of people – look what you did!

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