April action materials now available

The April action pack is now available on the RESULTS UK website.

photograph of pens

Image by lethaargic

This month is likely to be our last conference call before the UK general election, which is widely expected to take place on May 6th. We are going to be looking at what the election will mean for the fight to achieve education for all the world’s children.

Over the past 5 years the UK government has strongly supported the fight to achieve education for all the world’s children, committing to spend £8.5 billion on this between 2006 and 2015. We will be looking at how to ensure that the incoming government sustains this vital investment in children’s futures. We will also be talking about the difficulties of reaching those children who remain out of school, who are predominantly girls and children with disabilities, and often live in fragile countries affected by conflict and instability.

We will be joined on the call by Purna Shrestha from the NGO Voluntary Services Overseas. Purna is a former teacher from Nepal, who joined VSO in his home country and now works for the policy and programmes teams in London. He will be able to give us an insight into the experience of teaching and learning in a low-income country, as well as talking about the exciting events coming up this year – including the 1GOAL campaign, which aims to ensure that the legacy of this summer’s World Cup (the first World Cup to be held in Africa) is education for all the continent’s children.

The call will be held at 8pm on next Tuesday, the 6th April. To join us, please contact your group leader or the RESULTS office at kesso@results-uk.org

If you are unable to join us on the conference call, you can still take the action individually. A recording of the conference call will be available to listen to on our website a few days after the call.

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